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Monday Musing May 27 Hosted by Should Be Reading

MusingMondays5 Hosted by Should Be Reading @


It’s Monday again – the start of a new week and a new book for me. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day today and enjoying that extra day off work (if you’re so lucky).. So here’s my Monday Musing!

I have two today – something new I bought and something I am now reading. First – I’ll start with the something I’m reading now and that is “Skin” by Donna Jo Napoli.


I started it last night (got this ARC from Netgalley) and right now per Kindle I’m 30% through the book. I started this or chose it because the characters and the story sounded very interesting but to be honest it’s very slow and I’m having a hard time becoming invested – It seems like the plot from Chapter 1/2 has dragged this whole time and I’m waiting for something to happen.. I mean small things have happened – and maybe it’s just me, but so far I’m really having a tough time getting myself to finsih it which leads me to #2 – what I purchased recently…

Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2)

I got this last week and I LOVE Stephanie Perkins. I was in the middle of an amazing book so it didn’t seem so tempting (and I always do this and it makes me MAD at myself) but now that I’m into this one, every page where i’m not I want to read this.. I start looking longingly at my I phone that holds my Audible version of this book and I Cannot wait to read.. So basically last night I strong willed myself into reading “Skin” without fail, but as I head out to cut the grass today, I feel my strength wavering and.. I might lose this battle.. I will finish the other “I promise” but I think my mind is already on to the next book for now..

Have any of you read “Skin”? Any thoughts, did it pick up towards the end? Love to know!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!



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Up in the “Clouds” – Please read this story about a strong young man’s beautiful goodbye to his friends/family!

Up in the “Clouds” – Please read this story about a strong young man’s beautiful goodbye to his friends/family!.

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Up in the “Clouds” – Please read this story about a strong young man’s beautiful goodbye to his friends/family!

Hey Everyone. I usually keep my blog to mostly book blogging because that’s it’s intention. It’s not meant to share my everyday activites, my  job, etc.. But, I came across this story and was moved beyond belief, with the strength of this 18 year old facing a deadly disease and continuing to push through and think..How can I say goodbye? Most mature adults have a hard time with this – I know because 2 years ago I lost my Dad to cancer and watching him say goodbye broke my heart. One of the last days he was awake, He started crying and I of course wanted to know what was wrong – He simply said, “How Do You Say Goodbye?” – Who can answer this. We had such an outpouring of love from family and friends and I know for certain he felt that too. So – I want to show some support for Zach and his family – his battle ended this past Monday – but not before he recorded a song he wanted to use to say goodbye. It’s Beautiful. I’ll share a few links – one to his story, one to his video, and then one to a celebrity version of them doing his song for him. He wanted to make it through his 18th birthday and this was his present, and he made that goal. The song says, “If only I had a little bit more time” – but he made the best of his time, it’s a testament to the person he was. So if you know about this, if you have lost anyone, please share it, let’s let his story be heard – listen to his song (and yes you can get it on Itunes..) Support his dream. Check out the links below.

Heavy heart Zach Sobiech recording “Clouds”

Thanks guys!

Kelley  (celebrity version) (Zach’s Version) (story)

Everyone know’s someone who’s been lost – this is just one story, but let’s help him get it heard.. Help him get his song out there. He’s gone now, but his mark on the world will last forever. His parents should be proud of such an amazing human that they raised, he was a strong and beautiful person.

So, if nothing else, just check it out.

Thanks again..


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Saturday Night Run Down

The Hangover Part II: Original Motion Picture ...

The Hangover Part II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I finished “Left Drowning” yesterday, and I just finished the review, check back for it tomorrow! Until then, I’m starting my new book, “Skin” – what is everyone else reading? How are you spending your Memorial Day? I hope to spend a lot of it reading and catching up on reviews I want to get posted..working on blog content, and of course maybe seeing some movies and hanging out with my husband too! What are you doing this weekend? Hopeing to see “Fast and The Furious 6” and “The Hangover 3”.. and maybe even “The Great Gatsby” – I am behind on my movie seeing just like my reviewing – so maybe i can take this time and catch up on both. Happy Saturday night everyone!


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Happy Friday!

Happy Furry Friday, folks!

Happy Furry Friday, folks! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey Everyone! I am going to do Friday Finds – but tomorrow b/c I’m running a tad late today but I had some awesome finds this week – so can’t miss out! Check back tomorrow!


For Tonight I had to post and tell everyone – I finished “Left Drowning” by Jessica Park – and OMG – LOVED it! It will be published on 7/18 – get it asap – it is wonderful!!! A HUGE Thanks to Netgalley for giving me the chance to review this!!


So, Happy Friday everyone!

Check back tomorrow for my Friday Finds segment and my full review for Left Drowning — I am going to bask in how much  I loved it tonight and then see..hmm.what is next? It will be hard to come after this book, that is for sure!


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Thursday Book Talk

Happy Thursday!

Left Drowning

Today I’m reading “Left Drowning” by one of my favorite authors Jessica Park.

Now – I got this book yesterday via Netgalley and I requested it just b/c of the story line, I never even paid attention to who was writing it honestly, and last night when I started to read it, I was thinking this book and writing reminds me of something else….  Now that all makes sense since “Flat Out Love” (review link for this and “Flat out Matt” is listed below) is one of my favorite books ever. I totally forgot this book was coming out by her – what an awesome surprise that I got it early via Netgalley, and I get to review!! I love Jessica Park!

Ok so enough gushing – you get it – I LOVE Jessica Park and her book “Flat Out Love” – so on to this story. I was sucked in within the first few pages and I’m totally in love with it now about 1/3 of the way done. The characters are amazing and the plot is fresh and intriguing.

I wanted to list one quoe from the book (quotes are like my thing – and I like to collect them from all of my favorite books) so here we go:

“He puts his hand on my cheek. “You were left drowning.” I nod again.  “And you’re struggling to breathe.” I am.  It’s a constant struggle to stay near the surface.  I have just enough air to stop me from totally going under, but not enough to thrive.  “So do it.  Breathe.  Just Breathe.” He turns up the volume and strokes my hair.

One More:

“You have the here and the now, ” Chris says.  “You have a future.  Deal with the past so you can stop looking back.  It’s just pain.”

Last one:

“You need songs that make you feel.  Some make you strong, some make you weak.  Some build determination, some tear you apart.  But you need all of those.”


I love this book – and I’m super excited it was as good as I hoped when I first heard about it after reading “Flat Out Love” – and what an amazing find considering I had no idea this was “the book” – It was meant for me to read this.


Ok – hope everyone has a Happy Thursday, just one more day until a long weekend!!



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WWW Wednesday hosted by Should Be Reading!

WWW_Wednesdays4Hosted by Should Be Reading @


I love this segment because we get to see what everyone is reading now and what’s next – and share some fun book gossip too! So here’s my list:

I am currently Reading: “Secret For A Song” by S.K. Falls – just one the first chapter so not really sure how I feel about it quite yet – but it’s an interesting idea for a book.

What I just finished Reading: “The Elite” by Kiera Cass – Loved it, although I did have some frustration through the middle – more to come with my review!

What I’m Reading Next : Now for right now my next book is “Lola And The Boy Next Door” by Stephanie Perkins but this could change at any moment – one thing that has changed so much since I stared blogging is the utterly difficult decision about what to read next… Last night when I finished Elite I swear I spent 30 minutes debating before making my selection – Before I was a blogger I bought one book at a time or maybe two and whent with those – now I have about 30 that need reviews and it is a little overwhelming, but in a good way, to be honest. I can never complain about having too many books!

So that’s my list for today – Happy Wednesday!



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