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Contact me through my blog, via Facebook, via GoodReads, Twitter (my newest addition), and of course via E-Mail.

My email is  and you can find me on facebook too under Kelley Floyd or Book Girl From South Carolina, Twitter under BookGirlFromSC, and Goodreads under Kelley (Book Girl From South Carolina). Message me through the blog too if you like!

I’ve been at this for a little while now – and finally getting a feel for it – but love any helpful suggestions and any new followers ! My newest addition to the Blog is my Twitter account, which I have found to be “wonderful” – Why didn’t I do this sooner? I have Tweeted with some of the authors of my very favorite books – I can’t believe I waited this long to take the “Twitter” plunge. So check me out @bookgirlfromSC on Twitter.

AND a BIG Thanks for stopping by!


7 responses to “Contact Me

  1. In this new winner in the new adult erotica library based on contemporary Romance, Megan, left at the altar in Leicestershire, seeks healing and diversion on a tea estate in Malawi. On her flight, she encounters Mike, the eldest son and a real boor. She considers turning around to fly back, but the rest of the family go out of their way to be friendly and welcoming. Then she finds that it’s all a conspiracy – they want her to marry the boor, whom they assure her is not a boor at all, but just acting boorishly because he thinks she’s been brought in by his mother as a wife for him.

    Can love blossom for her in this romantic setting? Indeed it can! The estate is remarkably beautiful and the boor is extraordinarily attractive, softening her resolve to resist. A swimming accident when the boor saves her life, and a surprising mistake as she recovers consciousness, reduce them both to a serious state of confusion. A few days as an attractive convalescent give her a chance for second thoughts and a boozy night at the club causes him to be in a weakened condition, and the result is a passionate consummation that pleases everybody.

  2. Hi there! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here…

  3. Hi Kelley, I’ve nominated you for the Shine On Award. You can check out the post at

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog 🙂

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