Up in the “Clouds” – Please read this story about a strong young man’s beautiful goodbye to his friends/family!

Hey Everyone. I usually keep my blog to mostly book blogging because that’s it’s intention. It’s not meant to share my everyday activites, my  job, etc.. But, I came across this story and was moved beyond belief, with the strength of this 18 year old facing a deadly disease and continuing to push through and think..How can I say goodbye? Most mature adults have a hard time with this – I know because 2 years ago I lost my Dad to cancer and watching him say goodbye broke my heart. One of the last days he was awake, He started crying and I of course wanted to know what was wrong – He simply said, “How Do You Say Goodbye?” – Who can answer this. We had such an outpouring of love from family and friends and I know for certain he felt that too. So – I want to show some support for Zach and his family – his battle ended this past Monday – but not before he recorded a song he wanted to use to say goodbye. It’s Beautiful. I’ll share a few links – one to his story, one to his video, and then one to a celebrity version of them doing his song for him. He wanted to make it through his 18th birthday and this was his present, and he made that goal. The song says, “If only I had a little bit more time” – but he made the best of his time, it’s a testament to the person he was. So if you know about this, if you have lost anyone, please share it, let’s let his story be heard – listen to his song (and yes you can get it on Itunes..) Support his dream. Check out the links below.

Heavy heart Zach Sobiech recording “Clouds”

Thanks guys!


https://bookgirlfromsouthcarolina.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/flat-out-love-by-jessica-park/  (celebrity version)

https://bookgirlfromsouthcarolina.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/flat-out-love-by-jessica-park/ (Zach’s Version)

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2327898/Zach-Sobiech-Teen-terminal-cancer-penned-touching-farewell-song-internet-hit-passes-away-year-battle.html (story)

Everyone know’s someone who’s been lost – this is just one story, but let’s help him get it heard.. Help him get his song out there. He’s gone now, but his mark on the world will last forever. His parents should be proud of such an amazing human that they raised, he was a strong and beautiful person.

So, if nothing else, just check it out.

Thanks again..


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