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Happy Thursday!

Thursday (mixtape)

Thursday (mixtape) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! I am not going to do a long post today, but I wanted to do a post because “tah dah” I changed the look of my blog – I spent..probably way too long today changing things up and freshening it up a bit.. Still trying to figure my way around here, but hey.. i’m getting there – so check it out! Let me know what you think!

I started The Summer I Became a Nerd Yesterday, and I’m loving the humor in it..

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? This week has been long and pretty much torture — see the image over there – that is what I’m sure I look like after this week – I need some TLC for myself and some reading and reviewing! I’m planning on getting some reviews done! I’m so behind writing this stuff up – and reading! Working on the blog is taking away from my time to read books — kind of ironic – haha. But I have to say I have made some great new blog buddies this week – so thanks to everyone who follows me and who has commented on my posts – it’s the best thing about doing this, besides the books of course – to get to know all the cool people out there who love books as much as I do.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and look for more to come this weekend! I’ll try to do a Friday wind up tomorrow – hmm.. what shall I leave you with.. I think a quote since I’m so fond of them – here is a random quote from The Summer I became A Nerd –

“I can’t swallow another drop of soda by this point because the carbonation is burning my throat.
“Oh really? Well…” I trail off as I feel bubbling at the base of my throat. This is not good.
Before I can stop myself, I let out the biggest burp I’ve ever, ever, ever had. I slap a hand over my mouth and stare at Logan whose eyebrows have reached astronomical heights.
“Dude! So not smooth, man! Girls cannot stand rudeness,” Dan yells from the back room.” 
―    Leah Rae Miller,    The Summer I Became a Nerd

Ok – I know that is random for a quote – but I think it’s a great display of the humor, I laughed myself silly when I read this.. If you’re looking for something light – especially after a pretty deep book I just finished – check it out!

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