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Monday Musing May 27 Hosted by Should Be Reading

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It’s Monday again – the start of a new week and a new book for me. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day today and enjoying that extra day off work (if you’re so lucky).. So here’s my Monday Musing!

I have two today – something new I bought and something I am now reading. First – I’ll start with the something I’m reading now and that is “Skin” by Donna Jo Napoli.


I started it last night (got this ARC from Netgalley) and right now per Kindle I’m 30% through the book. I started this or chose it because the characters and the story sounded very interesting but to be honest it’s very slow and I’m having a hard time becoming invested – It seems like the plot from Chapter 1/2 has dragged this whole time and I’m waiting for something to happen.. I mean small things have happened – and maybe it’s just me, but so far I’m really having a tough time getting myself to finsih it which leads me to #2 – what I purchased recently…

Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2)

I got this last week and I LOVE Stephanie Perkins. I was in the middle of an amazing book so it didn’t seem so tempting (and I always do this and it makes me MAD at myself) but now that I’m into this one, every page where i’m not like..wow I want to read this.. I start looking longingly at my I phone that holds my Audible version of this book and I Cannot wait to read.. So basically last night I strong willed myself into reading “Skin” without fail, but as I head out to cut the grass today, I feel my strength wavering and.. I might lose this battle.. I will finish the other “I promise” but I think my mind is already on to the next book for now..

Have any of you read “Skin”? Any thoughts, did it pick up towards the end? Love to know!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!



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