“Flat Out Matt” by Jessica Parks

Cinderella - Prince Charming & Cinderella

Cinderella – Prince Charming & Cinderella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Published 3/25/13

The Story:

This is a prequel and sequel to “Flat Out Love”.  If you did not read that as of yet, STOP now!  For this book to make any sense you need to read that before taking this on.  If you did read “Flat Out Love” then proceed, you will find in this book the story is told from Matt’s perspective for the most part.  It starts out with 2 wonderful chapters where Matt is narrating, but it allows us to meet Finn, the real Finn, and allow us to see the family unit before the tragedy that would unfold.  The next chapters are all the “best” key moments from the book we all know and love, except we see things from Matt’s perspective.  And last, there are 2 wonderful chapters that pick up right where the other book left off, Skydiving!  It also shows us the post skydive adult time when they get back to Julie’s apartment (I really loved that part!). So if you loved “Flat Out Love”, you will LOVE this.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book, if you didn’t catch that yet..haha. But, seriously I did.  I enjoyed seeing things from Matt’s perspective.  He was so quiet through so much of the book, I was wondering – what the heck is he thinking? I liked how this book also showed the introduction to meeting “Flat Finn” and I know this was an incredibly sad time for the family, but I loved this chapter – to see how much Matt loved his sister, the length he would go to, was moving beyond words.  I also loved getting to meet the “real” Finn.  I know it sounds ridiculious, but I felt like I knew him from Julie “knowing” him in the first book, and to see he was a lot like what I expected was great.  The begining where Finn gives Matt advice, will come back later, and I think that tied the whole story up in a neat bow.  I just cannot say enough nice things about this story, the characters, and the writing. I love it, and I will read pretty much anything this author writes… Well before I give everything away, I will stop gushing, but I do want to point out some of my favorite quotes.  I love when these lines stick out to you, give you something to remember about the story that sometimes can even relate to your own life..

Quotes I Adored:

“I want the guy.  The everything guy.  Not the dumb Prince Charming, nauseatingly perfect – everything guy.  That’s pathetic.  I want the flaws-and-all, everything guy.”

“How you find love means nothing.  It’s what you do with it when you see it that does.” – This quote makes me litterally swoon…

I have to add in one for humor.  It’s not meant to be funny, but after you know the whole story, to me, it seemed humorous —

“This love triangle had reached new heights, and as much as Matt loved geometry, this was not the sort of triangle he wanted anything to do with.”

Last – one more swoon worthy love quote – while they were having ah..em.. special time..

“They must have stopped the world.  They just must have” – I have to follow this with – if you have been in love like this, in the begining it does feel that way and I loved the way Parks captured that emotion and said it in such a flat out, honest, type of way..


So Overall View:

Get this book, today, if not sooner. Read it, re’read it, and keep it.  This is a story you can come back to time and again – it’s one of those books that will make it on my shelf as a yearly re-read without doubt.  And it will 100% will be a go to reccomendation for anyone who enjoys YA romance lit.





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