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Hey Ya’ll! Have you missed me???

Hey Ya’ll! Have you missed me???.


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Hey Ya’ll! Have you missed me???

I’ve been MIA since a review in November and I have surely missed you all! I had to take a little blogging break becuase of a lot of personal things going on and my job being so intense, but I’m ready to be back – but still not full time… I’m determined to find a balance to my life where I can still be active here without it overtaking my entire life – so if you have any tips, I”m all ears…

Anyway, i Just wanted to say HI since it’s been so long and tell you I have a few great reviews coming – one for the sequel to “Tangled” that I have been anxiously awaiting! I’m also reading the “Unearthly” series by Cynthia Hand right now and let me tell you… WOW – it has touched me in a way I haven’t found in a long time. I am only on the second book, but I’m captivated – so look forward to that review too!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! And look for more coming from me soon!


Book Girl From South Carolina


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