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Hi all – Thanks for checking out my Musing Monday Post! Today I’m going to “muse” about what I’m currently reading and what I think so far as well as a little bit about my reading habits..

First – I’m reading “The Elite” right now by Kiera Cass – and I’m super excited b/c I really loved “The Selection”

The Elite (The Selection, #2)

So far I’m really enjoying it – I really love America’s character and Maxon, well and Aspen… I have to admit – and this may be a little of a spoiler so stop now if you haven’t read it or may be bothered by one – the scene with Marlee killed me – that is all I will say.. I was in tears just like America. When they started that whole scene off with the black dress my stomach was in knots wanting to know what would happen.. I also know this was a huge scene, but I’m as hurt as Maxon with the way she treats him after… I kind of wish she would simply make some type of decision – a love triangle can only go so far.. But overall I’m loving it and will write a full review when finished!

I chose this book because I loved “The Selection” so much. I’ve been putting it off a little b/c of how “Delirium” made me question sequels – and second books can be..frustrating in a series, but I have to say this has lived up to my expectations and more!

My Reading Habits-

I have to admit i’ve had a huge change in my reading habits lately – I love to listen to audible books while I drive and I commute about an hour each way everyday so I was flying through books at that rate, but now I’m on a hiatus from driving thanks to me having a seizure – so I have lost that time – and funnily enough I have gone back to reading on my kindle – but I do miss audible and hearing something read to me so I did get this on there – part of what I enjoyed so much of the first book was the reader and it’s the same in this one. I am sure in 6 months when I can drive i’ll go back to the audible – but for now i’m happily doing both!

Happy Monday Everyone!




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5 responses to “Monday Musings Hosted by Should Be Reading @ WordPress.Com

  1. I feel weird when I listen to audiobooks because I have hard time concentrating, I prefer really reading the words with my eyes haha. But I guess that really depends on the person … 😀

    • No I can totally understand that! I felt like that at first too, that’s why I loved listening to them in the car – I guess i felt like I was focusing on driving and the reading made it go by so much faster – and I do agree it’s harder to commit to sitting down to listen to something at home for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I had the same issue with audio books at first too, but i got better at concentrating. Sadly my commute is too

    • Wish mine was short too! And I agree on the concentrating – if you focus it makes it easier… To be honest if i listen at home i’m using cleaning or doing something else at the same time.. Thanks again for checking out my blog! Happy Monday!

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