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Guess who just got her copy of “Flat Out Celeste” as an ARC Copy??? This Girl!! Cannot wait doesn’t even contain the proper excitement!

If you have read my blog for any time at all, you will know that Jessica Park is one of my “all time” favorite authors. Her writing style is real and funny in a way I have not seen in a long time. And her romance will rip you apart while putting you back together for an ending you thought may never come – it’s just hard to explain but after “Flat Out Love” I was just hooked! “Left Drowning” just stole another piece of my heart wiht that story and here we are today when I JUST received via email my ARC copy of this most awesome stupendous book that I cannot wait to devote an entire day to reading this weekend!! So thank you Jessica Park!! Thank you to your publishing house – I knwo I’m not a more well known blog but i have tried to show my support for you from day one and I believe in you and your story -= and I cannot wait for Celeste to be brought to life!!!!


Sorry I knwo thisis a random late night post, but had to put this out there – YIPEE! My ARC is here!! If you don’t know who Jessica Park is- well you have a problem them and better rectify that immediately – email me if you need help in this matter – and I am more than willing to help you start reading some of the best writing you may ever read…. Humor, Funny, Sadness, Serious situations, drama, all the while making larger than life points and making the reader thing outside of them selves – oh and I can’t forget the STEAM! So read the rest so you’ll be ready for this too and keep you eye peeled for my review to come soon!!!


Happy Reading Guys!!


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