COVER REVEAL – “Last Hit” by Jen Frederick and Jessica Clare

last hit cover

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you are having a great day and I’m super excited to reveal the cover of the new book from Jen Frederick (author of “Undeclared” and “Unspoken”) and Jessica Clare! I have an awesome blub and an exclusive teaser below too – click the link to add it to your GoodReads list today – it will hit stores December 2013!

Book Blurb:


I have been a contract killer since I was a boy.  For years I savored the fear caused by my name, the trembling at the site of my tattoos.  The stars on my knees, the marks on my fingers, the dagger in my neck, all bespoke of danger.  If you saw my eyes, it was the last vision you’d have.  I have ever been the hunter, never the prey.  With her, I am the mark and I am ready to lie down and let her capture me.  Opening my small scarred heart to her brings out my enemies.  I will carry out one last hit, but if they hurt her, I will bring the world down around their ears.


I’ve been sheltered from the outside world all my life.  Homeschooled and farm-raised, I’m so naive that my best friend calls me Pollyanna.  I like to believe the best in people.  Nikolai is part of this new life, and he’s terrifying to me.  Not because his eyes are cold or my friend warns me away from him, but because he’s the only man that has ever seen the real me beneath the awkwardness.  With him, my heart is at risk..and also, my life.

GoodReads Link:

Now for the Teaser!


Swinging my scope over to room 524, I flip on my night vision goggles.  I can only see the outline of her body.  It is leaving the apartment and she appears to have a basket with her.  I track her down to the basement laundry.  When I first walked the building, I noted the basement laundry facility.  It was dank and musty with only a few lights and disgusting floor.  524 should not have to clean her clothes down there.  Someone should clean her clothes for her but I knew she could not afford that.  Her refrigerator helf few items and when she did eat, which seemed far too rare for my own peace of mind, she ate noodles and other cheap food stuffs.  Her roommate did not make any more money either.  The two of them were poor and so obviously prey it is a miracle that they’ve survived on their own to make it to adulthood.  The one male in their lives is worthless.

I watch again as her outlined form leans over the washing machine.  She places her clothes inside and she leaves.  She returns to her apartment and returns to her bedroom.  It is too dark for me to tell what she is doing in there.  Is she touching herself again?  Is she bringing herself off?  I think she may be reading a book.  I watch her and the time that passes is meaningless.  Nothing is more interesting to me than watching her, even if it is just the outline of her form.  I should be doing so many other things.  Researching my potential mark in Seattle.  Determining my next step with Mr. Brown.  Instead I am mesmerized by her.

Teaser Quote:

“She leans into me and I rub her back, just her upper back in small circles as I did for a sex worker in Amsterdam who offered to teach me to cuddle.  Then I did not like it.  I rubbed the worker’s back for a few seconds and then made her leave.  But this is…amazing.  Daisy’s little body is resting lightly against mine.  I can feel muscles in her back which suggests that Daisy is strong.  The blades of her shoulders are sharp against my hand which suggests Daisy is not eating enough.  I want to scoop her into my lap and feed her with one hand and stroke her pussy with my other.”

All I can say is WOW! So excited for this – out December 2013!




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2 responses to “COVER REVEAL – “Last Hit” by Jen Frederick and Jessica Clare

  1. Whee! I’m excited. Thanks for posting.

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