Cover Reveal and Author Interview – “Connectivity” by Aven Ellis



Happy Sunday Everyone! “Connectivity” by Aven Ellis is coming out October 23rd – and I’m super excited – Check out the beautiful cover and the author interview questions below — And let me know what you think!! Keep checking back, I’ll be reviewing too!!

Author Interview:

1.Awesome cover – what inspired this image and/or artwork? The book takes place in both Chicago and London, and a trip to London is a key turning point in William and Mary-Kate’s relationship. It seemed like a perfect fit for the cover.

2. It’s also your first book – what helped create this story for you? It actually came to me while I was watching Sherlock on PBS. Benedict Cumberbatch’s character has really wavy hair, and as crazy as it seems, that was the starting point for William Cumberland–a British hero with dark, wavy hair. William started forming first, and then the rest of the story came together quickly.

3. I’m a real quote and character person myself – what’s your favorite character from this story and is there a memorable quote you can share to give us a sneak peek into that character’s world? Oh, this is hard! I love both William and Mary-Kate equally. It’s like asking a mother to pick which kid she loves the best, LOL. William is a very intelligent, powerful media mogul who expects a lot out of people. One of his famous quotes is: “No buts–I loathe that word.” Meaning, he doesn’t like excuses and doesn’t have time for them. So in my opinion, that little sentence tells a lot about him.

4. Who are some authors that inspire you? And are you a big reader? I loved the late Maeve Binchy’s work. She was a beautiful storyteller. I love to read, but when I am in a writing mode I only read non-fiction–I don’t want to have anything subconsciously influence my own writing.


A Big Thanks for Aven Ellis for letting me question her for this great interview and allowing me to reveal the cover for her first book! Hope you enjoyed and check back for the review soon!!

Happy Reading!




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2 responses to “Cover Reveal and Author Interview – “Connectivity” by Aven Ellis

  1. J.R.Richardson

    Love the cover & the author! 🙂 XOXOXO can’t wait to read it Aven!

  2. Kelley,

    Thank you so much for being a part of the cover reveal and for having me here!

    Jo-Thank you for the kind words!

    XO Aven

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