Monday Musing – August 26th

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Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m not sure what to muse about today to be honest – so I’m just going to “vent” a little – speak up if you can understand where I’m coming from…

Blogging was something I started for fun and to get books early so I could review and get the word out to everyone else – it also helps support my book habit..

I have been on a whiz lately – Reading like a crazy woman, but now I have the question – how do I get all of these books reviewed? I read 5 books within the past week (It was a crazy reading week – not normal) but now I’m faced trying to get these things reviewed and to be fair to everyone that allowed me to read early in exhcange for these reviews.. Hmm… Plus I do have a full time job – which pays my bills so kidn of have to respect that.

Anyway, having too many books to read, reading too many great books is never something I complain about but the busier the blog becomes it’s hard to sometimes manage my time – what do you think? Do you set aside days just for reviews, review right after you read something? How do you make it work – always open for advise!!

Happy Monday!




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11 responses to “Monday Musing – August 26th

  1. Hi Kelley! Great post and you raise some good questions that I struggle with. I have fallen behind in writing my reviews this month and am struggling to catch up. My plan for Sept. is to read a book and then immediately write the review before I begin another one. I’ve found if I wait too long, I spend too much time skimming back through the books to help remind me of points I want to make (even though I take notes as I read.). I’ll check in again to see what you and others suggest.

    • I take notes while I’m reading too – especially the quotes i want to use — but you have a good plan, I think writing the review after reading before I start anything new is the best plan – then I can space out when they are published – thanks for the great advice!!

  2. Maybe you need to space out your reivew requests a little more. I know, from an author perspective, I’m just thrilled to get on a reviewer’s calendar so if you need to push me back from my request, I’m more than okay with that! The amount of books you read is AMAZING. I can tell you with writing, I write for a two hour block on Saturday, then on my lunch break (yepfeel ya on having to pay the bills, Kelley!) and then you have this think called a LIFE, right? Read what interests you, don’t be afraid to say no to things that don’t, and work on yoru timetable. XOXO

    • Aven – thanks for the advice – I have started spacing out my requests more and have definetly become more picky over the things I choose to read – so if I pick something it’s certainly something I really want to read – Your request is A-OK – I’m really looking forward to reading the book. If I can schedule things in advance, that always works best for me because I have time to prepare. I think the things I struggle most with are the reads I just buyu and the ones I get without a real “date” in mind – that are in my TBR list — I am starting to schedule more things now and hope that this will help for sure!
      Thanks for the great advice, I really appreciate this coming from your perspective especially. Have a great day!

  3. PS Sorry for the typos–screen wouldn’t let me see all my sentences so I couldn’t proof all of them. 🙂

  4. Hey Kelley! I, too, have dealt with this very issue. My advise is to put a temporary hold on accepting review copies until you can get through your pile of books. And if the book really doesn’t look like something you’d pick up at the book store, you can always so no. We can’t please everyone. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. You don’t want to get burned out on books. That would be just plain sad!

    • Thanks for the advice, and agreed. I have cut way back on anything i’m requesting at this point and totally agree if i would not take a second look in the store, I won’t request.. I think when I started my “eyes were bigger than my stomach” if you get that expression — but I’m “trying” to find my groove now and actually schedule stuff to make things more productive.. And being burned out on books would be the saddest thing ever!! Totally agreed. Thanks for coming by and the new follow – Happy Monday!

  5. I just do the best I can…and granted, some go unreviewed.
    And I request fewer books than I once I’d. Hard, but needed.

  6. I used to review like crazy, and one thing I did to save time was to write up notes as I’m reading – then I can just look back at these instead of sitting down and trying to remember everything I wanted to write about for the book.

    Also, to save time on writing -if you do have extra time to write more reviews, you can schedule them – not sure if this is possible on wordpress, but I know blogger releases your posts on a date and time you’ve specified.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I do take notes while I”m reading, I learned that the hard way when the books all started running together to some that absoutely helps.

      I did just find out that WordPress will let me schedule things, so writing in advance and scheduling for later is a wonderful idea and something I”ll def start doing –

      Thanks for coming by and the great suggestions!

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