Top Ten Tuesday – July 23rd

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Hello Everyone! I wasn’t sure how I felt about this week’s topic, but the more I’ve thought about it today – it’s pretty interesting. I want to add a disclaimer here – that even though “most” likely I will no t pick up books with these words associated on the cover or description – but like with everything else – there is always an exception to the rule.. So while I can’t say never read, I can say I would strongly consider any books involving the following:

Top Ten WORDS / PHRASES that make me NOT pick up a book:

1. Next “Insert title here” – I don’t like books that sell other books or live off of their success. I can’t say I have never considered a book who boasted this, but I’m not immediately drawn to these – especially if it’s listed on the cover or the back of the book. Let it sell on it’s own merit!

2. Graphic Novel – I haven’t ever been into comics, so to me this makes sense.. if it says that – I pretty much keep moving..just not my thing – but just my opinion here – I am sure there are some really great ones out there.. Just not for me..

3. Werewolves/aliens/Magic/Wizards/Witches/Demons – I will admit I am into vampire novels ( in a Twilight or True Blood situation) but for the most part these books are not my go-to choices. I do enjoy a great paranormal read, but i don’t search for books under these topics. The Magic/Wizard/Witch/Demon/Alien are almost an absolute no go for me – but Never say never I guess..

4. Fantasy Novel – I’m not and I haven’t ever been into this genre… and still not, so this is a definite stop, drop, and move on for me.

5. Cancer/Death – I had some personal experience with Cancer – and it’s just awful to relive that so for the most part I will out of my way to avoid – for example “The Fault in Our Stars” i have been wanting to read – awesome reviews but I just can’t pick it up – I think still too fresh for me. Death is the same thing, just so dark. i can’t say I don’t read things with death in it – but I do read Nicholas Sparks and we all know he likes to throw one of these in there like almost..always.. But you get the point.

6. Horror/Thriller novel – i’m not into scary or thrilling events or books. I may be girly but there is nothing better for me than a great romance book, so I avoid books like these – I like to enjoy my read, not cause myself nighttime terrors from it..

7. Fairytale “re-do” – I like fairy tales in general, but I don’t like the “lets take this great story and make it dark and scary” idea so I try to avoid anything that’s titled or described as this.

8. Autobiographies – I will read one of these every so-often but I’m not into non-fiction at all usually and this falls into that category..

9. Historical – if it’s not current or future, then I’m not reading or interested. Even the historical romances don’t fit my interests right now – maybe this will change and i’m sure there are some good ones out there, but right now if it’s not now or future, not for me.

10. Murder Mystery/Political themed – same lines as the horror/thriller. I just don’t enjoy books set around these themes…just not for me. I like some good “adult” romance, love YA, love contemporary adult for the most part, but not these – and most of all absolutely no to political themed books..


Well there you have it folks – my list. I’m sure I will eat my words on some or all of these at some point, but for now there you have it. One of the words I thought about listing for example is zombies, but I had to think about how much I liked “Warm Bodies” so that’s a change from just the past year.. So while again I can’t say never, I can say not right now.

Let me hear it – what are your thoughts? What makes you run screaming for the aisle and away from the book shelf? Put your list below or add your link —

Happy Tuesday!



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