“Tumble & Fall” by Alexandra Coutts left me thinking in a deep way…

Tumble & Fall

by Alexandra Coutts

Publish Date: September 17, 2013

How I Got The Book: Via blog tour site – Around The World ARC! Super excited to be on the review team for this book!

Summary From GoodReads:

A novel about the end of days full of surprising beginnings

The world is living in the shadow of oncoming disaster. An asteroid is set to strike the earth in just one week’s time; catastrophe is unavoidable. The question isn’t how to save the world—the question is, what to do with the time that’s left? Against this stark backdrop, three island teens wrestle with intertwining stories of love, friendship and family—all with the ultimate stakes at hand.

Alexandra Coutts’s TUMBLE & FALL is a powerful story of courage, love, and hope at the end of the world.

What I Thought:

This book definetly took me by surprise.  I was excited to read it because it sounded so different from other..dystropian or world end stories, and the cover was beutiful (really why I initially wanted to even check it out!), but once I read into it and got started, it felt..overwhelming. It’t not too thick – so it’s not just that. I think it’s the fact that it’s written in 3 person and follows 3 for the most part completely separate story lines. It was really hard until about half way in to be sure which character was who and what was going on in each story. I did love the characters themselves, and we’ll talk about that below. As far as the overall story, once I got through the 50% mark I was sucked in. It was def a different POV way of writing – but in the end it kind of worked with the story, so while it may have bothered me at first, it gave the book character in the end. I have seen other reviews where people stopped reading because of this or just cut it off, but I pushed through and once I got invested, I was invested.. I read this book in 1 day everyone, one single day.. I had to see what would happen. I loved the way the storylines come together and I thought this was a great book because it wasn’t all love and flowers. The characters were real with flaws and all. While the book just takes place over less than a week, you do see a lot going on and I feel like a lot changes for all the characters over this time. So, in closing this up so I can get on to the character portion – while I started out being on the fence, once I got to the halfway point I was in, fully invested! So, if you’re reading or thinking of, remember that – the ending is worth it – the message in the story is worth it. This book left me thinking, in a deep way for 2 days after – it was all I could think about… It is a beautiful story, with interesting and complex characters and a unique story line and plot – so glad i did not abandon it!

The Characters:

Let’s start with Caden. I really felt for this character and the way he grew up. I don’t want to give away and stories, but I think this one was the most surprising because it was my least favorite character but he really surprised me and left me wanting to meet this kid! I picked one quote for each character – so check out his below. While at first his story seemed simliar and same old, same old – it turned out to be about finding out who you are and what you stand up for – being brave when the world is literally crumbling down around you – and Caden was brave. The next character is Zan. Zan is a cool chick  – she seems laid back and hip. Her Mom seems to be a little tough and the whole unit is not working “perfectly” but they are there and together. Zan was inspiring, her love was overwhelming. It blew me away at her age the love she had to give and the emotions she was able to work around. Beautiful character. Now, last, but not least is Sienna. Her story broke my heart and then healed it again all over. Hearing her starting point, wow.. killed me, broke my heart for her. And to be honest from page one she was my fave. Seeing her grow, work into her family as is, face the literal possible end of the world, and to still grow personally. How difficult would that be? You’re looking at the end of the life as you know it, and you’re still opening up – letting someone in.. All the characters in this story showed so much maturity in the emotion dept, there was little if any panic with them – you do see it around the outside of the story, but not within. To some people  that lack of panic was unrealistic, but after the end I realize it was meant ot be that way for a reason. I have seen some reviews as well that pointed out they did not like the ending – and I won’t poil it for anyone, but I loved it and I felt like even it wasn’t what I personally wanted – it fit the story. It left me thinking. There were so many levels of emotion, connection, love – it was just a deep and beautiful story…

The Take-Away

I give this story a 4/5 stars. I loved the story and characters, but it did take some work to get that far into the book. It was tough to get through the first 100 or so pages, and if I wasn’t determined to read I could have lost out on this from the begining be a little difficult to navigate through. But, on my part, I’m really glad that I did power through and get to the end. This is the kind of book I might not read again,but it’s something I will remember the rest of my life, it made that type of impression. My other not complaint but something I wanted to point out is that the deep concepts for YA seemed to be REALLY deep, it was hard for me to process some of these thoughts/emotions and concepts – and I’m a full grown adult. So, not sure this is really aimed at the right age group. For someone my age, I see it being super appropriate. It absoutely makes you think about your life, what you’re doing and if you are happy = and put yourself in these shoes. It made me personally think seriously about things I could change to be more happy , it definetly hits home that life is short and what matters are the connections in your life, the love and the feelings and your “tribe.” Get the book, don’t stop unitl you’re past the 40% mark, and love it!

A Quote for each character:


“Caden looks at his sister.  He wonders how something so small can be so resilient, so indestructible.  “You’re not mad?” he asks.  Carly smiles and shrugs.  “Mad?” she repeats.  “Why would I be mad? Nothing’s different.  You can’t lose something ou never had,” she says.


“But it’s not a sorry machine.  She can almost hear Daniel explaining the difference, although she’s not quite sure she understands what it is.  Something about control.  Sorry is a feeling, a passive state of heart and mind.  Foregiveness is something you give.”….

It’s what she needs to let go.  Before they move on, wherever they’re going, she needs to know that it’s behind her.  It was a part o fher, and now, as the machine spits tiny yellow stars into the turning glass globe, it’s gone.


 Sienna: I did a bit more than one here – you can tell she was my favorite storyline!

“No.” Owen shakes his head.  “I thought it was something, maybe.  But the only thing I need, right now, is you.  As soon as you left, I knew it.  There was no way I was going to not be with you today.  I know we still don’t know each other that well, but…”

“We do, “ Sienna stops him. “We know each other enough.”

But she meant what she’d said.  They knew each other enough.  And she knows enough about herself to know that she really would tell him someday, if it turned out that they had someday, after all.

Not today, though.  Today isn’t about reliving, or explaining, or trying ot make sense of things in the past.  Today is about who she is now, and who she has standing beside her. Ownen. Ryan. Dad. Even Denny.  Her Tribe.

“I’m sixteen,” she says. “It feels funny to be standing up here and talking about things like home and family and love, but I guess those are hard things for anybody to talk about. You just kind of know it when you see it. At least, I do. And it’s here.”




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