Musing Monday – July 15th

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Today’s Musing Mondays asks…

What do you think of books that give you recommended reading lists? Do you read them? Do you use their suggestions? Why/why not?


Hmm – this is a very interesting topic today and nice to have some change up!

To be honest, I don’t usually pay attention to these things.. BEFORE I was a blogger when I read books I always purchased, I would from time to time check these out – especially when it listed books by the same author if I enjoyed the book I read, but now that 90% of what I read is an ARC, I don’t see these much anymore.. So I would say right now, no.. Not only because I don’t really see them but also because my TBR list is insane and I only add things at this point that I’m absolutely dying to read!

But I do appreciate that some authors take the time…

Now – reading lists I see on GoodReads or Top Ten Tuesday lists are totally different animals – I know it’s not “technically” part of this musing session, but I have to admit that I do pour over these looking for my next “great” read – and to see if there is anything I have missed out on completely doing my own searching.. I’ve gotten some great reads like this like “Tangled”  by Emma Chase – Loved, loved, loved this book and got it from someone’s Top Ten Tuesday – totally off my radar. I think that’s the best part of doing those Top Ten Tuesday, and even any other MeMe like this one and the Tuesday Teaser — it gives me a chance to get what I’m reading out there as well as see what everyone else is doing!

Happy Monday Everyone!

On another note, I read an AMAZING book this weekend – “Tumble & Fall” by Alexandra Coutts – actually read this whole book (365 pages) in one day yesterday if that tells you how awesome it is – check back for my review today!





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8 responses to “Musing Monday – July 15th

  1. darn, I have so many books that I really do not need

  2. I did a different muse. I would love to have you come over and comment:
    Musing Mondays

  3. I’ve discovered some new favorites from reading the recommended reading list on the back of books. I like how they’re unexpected. 🙂

    Andrea K. @ Books and Bindings
    Monday Madness
    Musing Mondays

  4. I havee also read Tangled (even posted a reeview on my blog) and I came across the book because a fellow blogger recommended it.. right now my tbr is also insane and i only add books that i really LOVE to read.
    my MM post:

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