“Forever Black” by Sandi Lynn stole my heart!

Forever Black (Forever Trilogy, #1)

“Forever Black” by Sandi Lynn

Published: Feb 16, 2013

How I got the book: Purchased on Kindle via Amazon

Link to book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Forever-Black-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00BGWP24K/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1373149249&sr=1-1&keywords=forever+black

Summary from GoodReads:

When Ellery moved to New York with her boyfriend, she thought they’d live happily ever after in their small New York apartment. She never thought he’d pack his bags and leave because he “needed space.” With her newfound single status and fear of being alone, Ellery buries herself in her artwork and paintings until one night she helps a mysterious intoxicated stranger get home safely. Little did she know the mysterious stranger is none other than CEO and millionaire Connor Black.  After finding Ellery in his kitchen the next morning and assuming she broke his #1 rule about sleepovers, he becomes intrigued, not only by her stubbornness and defiance, but by her kindness.

Connor Black, emotionally dead and damaged, that stemmed from a personal tragedy, made a vow to never love or fall in love with a woman, until Ellery Lane walked into his life by accident. After she opens up and shows him her world, Connor starts to feel emotions and feelings he never knew existed. Despite the rumors and warnings regarding Connor Black and his use and misuse of women, Ellery finds herself being drawn into his world.  

Ellery knows they can never be together because she is harboring a deep secret that could destroy Connor emotionally forever.  

Join Connor and Ellery as they embark on a journey of courage, love and strength. Will it be enough to save them?

What I thought:

I purchased this book on a whim kind of just because I got a great deal and I was looking for something new to read..and it sounded “interesting”. Once I started reading it, I was in love! The story line and characters really stole my heart. Now, I am a “50 Shades” fan and I really liked Damien Grey but for some reason Connor Black just seemed to much more….realistic ( i know that sounds nuts right?) to me. I could also really relate to Ellery and loved her quirky personality. I thought the book was funny, quirky, and super romantic. I also liked that once the characters decided what they wanted for the most part – there was not a ton of..gut wrenching back and forth. I could also relate to both characters. I thought Sandi Lynn did a great job constructing their world with enough plot to be interesting but not so much that it became outlandish or unreal to the reader. The fact that this isn’t the typical billionaire getting the girl story also won me over – she made Connor work for it! I really cannot say enough about how much I really liked this book.. It was a great smooth read, wonderful writing, and certainly left me wanting more!

The Characters:

We all know I love to talk characters so let’s talk about this book. I adored Ellery from moment one, even before I knew her “secret” ( I don’t want to give everything away so I’ll just allude to it as that).  She is tenacious, funny, warm, and tough..and loving. Then we have Connor – who thinks he needed no one and boy was he wrong, Ellery in this aspect turned his world upside down – I think for the better and if he was a “real” person i verge to say he would agree to the same. I enjoyed watching them get to know each other and learning about both of their pasts. Ellery was such a care taker, and I loved seeing Connor reciprocate that back to her, no matter how hard she tried to deny it’s absolutely what she needed. I think one of my favorite parts of the book is the drive to her family’s funeral – just the two of them, outside of all their differences driving and getting to know each other – my heart really started to melt for Connor at this point. Then there is the trip to California — I again don’t want to spoil anything, but his whole search and find mission for her — can I say “Swoon!!”.. So romantic. I know it’s not reality, but every women craves to be swept off her feet and if she says no, well.. she’s lying. The other characters I loved were Ellery’s friend, who will play more of a role in the second book – and the limo driver. I came to see him as a Dad of sorts for both Ellery and Connor – and I loved seeing his kind and good hearted nature. Then there are the neighbors in California who adopted Ellery while she was there.. All around the characters were well written and full, realistic portrayls of what real people could be like, and very believeable in the story.

The Take-Away:

I would absolutely reccommend this book to anyone who loves adult romances. It has all the character and storyline of the other books out there and just as much heart. I also found it to be an amazing deal on amazon for like.. 2.99 I think – the link is above under the cover, so check it out! If you’re looking for a great weekend, or beach read – then this is something you may want to check out for certain! I know if you read it, you will want more too and you’re lucky – Forever You – from Connor’s perspective is already on the market now and “Forever Us” will make it’s preview this fall — so check it out today!

Some Amazing Quotes to Leave You Wanting More:

“Infinity is forever, and that is what you are to me, you are my forever Mr. Black.”


“There’s no limit to what I wouldn’t do for you. Just ask and it will be done, no matter the sacrifice.”

So there you are – my review – hope this makes you want to check it out, it’s a good one! Easily one of my favorite reads in 2013 —





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6 responses to ““Forever Black” by Sandi Lynn stole my heart!

  1. Sounds great, full of heart! I love redemption love stories. 🙂 Hoping this is more ‘romance’ than 50 shades though because like you, I found it all a little surreal. Lovely review.

  2. Great review 🙂 this has been on my kindle for a bit! I need to get busy!

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