Thursday Book Talk – All the Buzz on Books June 27th

Happy Thursday Everyone and welcome to my first official “me only” meme Thursday Book Talk! This meme is dedicated to talking about anything you want, book news, where you’re at in a book, what you want to read next, any rants you have – really anything you want to put out there

This week I actually have a few things to talk about, one exciting and one kind of sad – but a wake up call to me for sure!

The first thing is the awesome new book I’m reading – “The Distance Between Us” by Kasie West.  I am really loving it!

The Distance Between Us

I actually got it through a Book Blog Tour – my very first one – So I know this book will hold some sentimental value to me always b/c of that (cheesy I know!).  Anyway, I forgot I even applied until I saw the email saying a book was headed to me – of course I dropped by next in line book because you get 7 days to read and review (wow -this is a short time frame – I was suprised – but hey I’m a go with the flow girl – so I’ll make it work!). Ok I am rambling…so now on to the real topic – the book..  I really like it so far. It was described as “Pretty in Pink” meeting “Pride and Prejudice” and a twist of being the perfect summer book – and I am absolutely not dissappointed! I’ve never read anything by Kasie West before – I know others have read and I’ve seen reviews for “Pivot Point” and now I want to check that out too! Anyway – so my full review of this swoon worthy love story -which I have a feeling I haven’t gotten to the heart stomp part yet — you know what I mean right? Well anyway, I’m hoping for once there isn’t a soul crushing moment, but who knows…  If there is one I am going to count on Caymen’s awesome personality to get me through. I don’t like a lot of humor for whatever reason but her dry sacrasm cracks me up!! I really adore her -and for that matter hot Xander (this name reminds me of the same character in Matched – if you read that you will know).I was going to add a quote but realized I didn’t have any — the book isn’t even out yet, but don’t worry I will have one for the full review! There are too many in this book to miss that chance, plus you know I love a good quote!

Now – second point. I saw the saddest thing on Twitter yesterday. Apparnently someone took parts of Jamie McGuire’s book “Beautiful Disaster” and part of Tamara Webber’s book “Easy” – combined them and made a new story that’s been top ten on Amazon since June 21st. I was like..really?? Then, WOW — Shocking. Who could do that, and the worst part is it was not just small parts but entire paragraphs and sections with maybe 1 sentence added in between. I cannot believe somoene would do that – of course there are loyal fans out there who may see and point it out. I hadn’t read it yet, but it was on my TBR and I had a “mild” case of infatuation over “Beautiful Disaster” so I would have 100% recognized that content — I just thought it was crazy, had to mention it because you never really know what is going to happen next and that proves it.


Well readers, that’s all for today, Happy Thursday! Super excited about tomorrow being Friday and next week being a short week thanks to the holiday —

Love to hear about some Book Buzz you know, what you’re reading, or whatever else – comment below!

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5 responses to “Thursday Book Talk – All the Buzz on Books June 27th

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  2. Wow, okay, now I need to know the name of that plagiarised book! I don’t fancy Kasie West’s other books but I do fancy this one and if the ‘stomp’ moment isn’t too bad (please let me know!) I’ll pre-order it this week. 🙂

    • Hey! I think the book was called.. Amazingly Broken — It’s off amazon and everything else now. The “stomp” moment was not too bad – I would absoultely reccommend it and it is available to buy on 7/2. Thanks for checking it out! I’ll have my full review up by Monday too!

      • Okay, it’s official I’m pre-ordering! I need a cutesy summer read to add to tbr pile. 🙂 Thanks! Just checked out the goodreads reviews for AB – the top ones were all posted yesterday and all are SO bad… Guess this was a real stink!

      • You won’t be dissappointed with the new West book.. and as for the other, it was “found” out yesterday so i bet there are a lot of negative reviews on there – half of the book coped from one book and the other half from another.. so sad!

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