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Hello Readers! today I’m participating in Monday Musings hosted by Should Be Reading ( It’s my first time participating – but i’m exicted. You get to choose your own “muse”, but today I’d like to choose 2.. It’s been one of those days – I need to say what I’m reading and I”m also feeling a good rant coming on – haha..

1. Right now I’m reading “Pushing The Limits” by Katie McGarry. And I’m loving it – actually I’m listening to it via Audible.  I love the story – so far and the humor, so i’m really enjoying it. I really enjoy it also b/c there are two voices for the 2 characters – a male and a female character. The male voice has read several things I’ve read before – and for some reason I like the voice.. Plus I really love it when there are a male and female role and two voices narrate – very rare for any books I’ve read. Anyway, Loving it. I chose it because of all the good reviews i’ve heard and all the other bloggers I’ve seen mentioning it.  It’s my first book by this author – but again, i’m enjoying it.  The romance is great, but not cheesy, and again love the humor!

Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1)

2. Ok – I have to get out one rant today — I have been diligently posting/reviewing/etc.. and I am still having a hard time getting some of my requests approved on netgallery and Edelweiss.. Netgallery I’m having more progress – but Edelweiss –good luck. What in the world? I have good stats.. i think.. I have a great Goodreads profile and while I don’t have “a great” amount of followers on here yet, or Twitter – but how can I get there without books to review? Ok — i’ll take a deep breath now – I’m working on it, a work on progress though? Right? So here I am making my effort – if you haven’t joined my blog – check it out, please, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Hope everyone has a great Monday – saw a great quote today on another blog – not from this book but from Harry Potter actually, so i’ll leave it below – right now it resonates with me for some reason..

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


Anyway, everyone have a great Monday Evening – be on the look out for more reviews soon – despite my rant, I do have quite a list of TBR’s. How does everyone else qualify it – what to read next and so forth – I feel like I have so many good choices – What do you think?? How do ya’ll do it?

More later –




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5 responses to “Monday Musings!

  1. Can you just close your eyes and just point to one TR book and hope it satisfies your “yes, I love this book!” craving, lol ?

    • Haha love this idea – and Yes I wish so.. I have to share this though – about a month ago, I was in a true… I have no idea what to read next, so I saw this book on someone’s list and for some random reason – I was just like – this – I”m reading this and actually it was one of my best reads all year, so maybe you’re on to something?? But I wish my brain could always tell me what I want to read, haha.. great thought!

  2. totally get your rant….have the same feeling myself.. 🙂
    am following your blog here and also following on goodreads.. do hop on over when you can..

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate it and I”ll hop over and check out your blog/goodreads too – always love having new blog buddies!! Thanks for coming over, can’t wait to see your site. Happy Tuesday!!

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