Happy Wednesday! Some advice for new bloggers..

Happy Wednesday! I had a great conversation with a fellow blogger today and she was super supportive And gave some great tips for building a following to your blog and I thought I would share.

Now the past two months, I’ve posted, posted, read, and reviewed, and waited patiently for the traffic to come.. Well it’s a bit slower than expected so here are two things she reccommebded that seem obvious now but were not so at the time..
1. Get a Twitter account now so I can talk with my fellow bloggers in real time and follow my favorite authors too.. I am a twitter newbie so here I go!
2. Get out there and post on other blogs, comment, chat and rave about books.. Build a network of other bloggers you converse with regularly.. In retrospect I feel like DUH. Is that not he point of me creating this blog? To chat with others like me and swoon over books with people who love them as I do.. Well yes it is, so how I missed this most basic step is beyond me, but thank you to my new fellow blogger friend! I will do it!

Not sure if this was helpful for anyone out there, but thanks for stopping by either way! If you are new to blogging or just looking for someone to add to your blog network, I’m open and excited to meet new bloggers!

Have a great Wednesday night everyone!




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3 responses to “Happy Wednesday! Some advice for new bloggers..

  1. As a fellow new blogger, it’s all good advice!

  2. I’m a new blogger too, two months now. I’d love to chat about blogging, especially since I use WordPress and sometimes get frustrated because there are things I’d like to do but either I can’t or I don’t know how. It’s an ongoing learning process.

    Barbara Ann Sun Mountain Reviews

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