Finally Friday!

Friday night fireworks in Wildwood, New Jersey

Friday night fireworks in Wildwood, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello guys! It’s finally Friday! I don’t think I’ve been this happy to see a Friday in weeks!! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of reading, relaxing, reading, a little cleaning, and more reading – oh and hopefully some blog catch up work too – so be on the look out for more reviews heading your way~

Before I go any further, I have to say this – I stayed up, well way past my bedtime, last night because I could not put “The Program” down – SERIOUSLY! I LOVED it – From the first page, I was enthralled and it’s been a long time since i’ve felt this way about a series.. The only ones I can even think of, series wise, that go with this are of course “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer and then “Under the Ever Night” by Veronica Rossi,  and “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver, but even the latter two weren’t as enthralling as this.  I am absolutely excited about the second book – now when is it coming out? I can’t find anything, but i’m super excited… I won’t go into details, but you will see me gushing soon enough in my review – but read it if you haven’t, if you like Dystropian or any of the above, check it out.  I really enjoyed it – I love being so into a book I cannot stop reading.. Those are my favorite book moments.

On other notes, what are you guys reading now? I’m looking over my next list and I have a book from Netgalley that comes out next week – I’m going for something a little lighter after the program – this book is “True” by McCarthy – has anyone read it, any thoughts?

Happy Friday everyone!!


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