Happy Wednesday!

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Well – this week has gone by slowly and quickly all at once, do you know what I mean? I have been working a lot, so I have cut back on my reading a little, but I was still able to finish one book between the weekend and early this week and start “The Program” by Suzanne Young. I love it when I start a book and from page one, paragraph one, I flow with the writing and can read it so naturally and easy. Books like this I know right then that I will love, just based on how quickly I can engage with the characters, how fast the story caught my interest, and how I feel about the author’s writing style. “The Program” is that kind of book, so even though I’m fairly early on in the store, I am looking forward to reading this. I just finished reading “Wallbanger” – which is a very sexy, mature, but fun/light book and I really enjoyed it. I always try to switch back and forth on story types, etc so I can enjoy a good laugh sometimes and face a hard issue in others. I think it keeps me balanced to do this, and not too focused on any one genre.

Today, I did have a chance to pour over Goodreads and I realized there are some pretty awesome books coming out in the next 12 months. I am excited, and I got to add, well a lot, of books to my to-read column. The issue I have is this, as these things come out I already have so many I want to read, it becomes a dilemma of what to read next. I love having so much to look forward to, but for me that can be a little overwhelming at the same time, it may sound ridiculious but I just feel like..wow – what do I want to read next, so little time and so little books.

The other news I have for this week is that my Audible obsession has quite calmed down. I am really getting back to my reader now, and enjoying it again. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a good audiobook, I love hearing different voices, but I think to vary it is better for me, I was getting lazy about reading!

Well readers, Happy midweek! Be looking out for more reviews. I should have one about “Flat Out Matt” tonight and hopefully get “Wallbanger” up for you guys by the weekend.

Have a great rest of the week – and tell me – what are you reading? Do you have hte issue of having too many books and find it hard to choose what is next?


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