Tuesday’s Gone…

Happy Tuesday Night Readers!

Another Tuesday has come and gone and I haven’t gotten to start my Top Ten Tuesday list as of yet… I have been reading like nuts though! Finished 2 books this weekend – both great and started 2 new ones. I should have at least 6 reviews to post here shortly. The newest book selection is called “Flat Out Love” – it’s by a new author and something cute and romantic and I believe would be Contemporary YA, but it’s great. It’s one of those books that makes you laugh out loud (I think LOL would be too quirky here)..

I read two “adult” books this weekend, so I was allowing myself this one “cutesy” romantic book – but I’m loving it. It has great backbone and characters. This is officially the first time I’m afraid to read over reviews or posts on the internet about it – I have a feeling I might have an “idea” of the ending, but I’m afraid to know for sure and for the very first time I don’t want to know the ending before I get there. This is a huge first for me, even in my “Twilight” haze I skipped to the end before I could actually read through the middle – so I am pretty sure that it will make it on to some of my Top Ten Tuesday lists.

I feel like I’ve hit a mega find of good books lately, I’ve hit the good books lotto – so I’m continuing onward. Reviews to follow and look forward to my “official” Top Ten Tuesday blog next week!

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