Happy Friday! What are you reading this weekend?

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week. I’ve had a very busy week in my “real life” job so I haven’t gotten to get as many of my reviews on here as I would like to. I did finish Walking Disaster – Review should be up soon. I also have reviews for 2 other books done, I just need to commit the time to get them online. Hopefully starting next week I will have a weekly “schedule” of sorts to draw your interest and point out cool things about different books. I’m always open for suggestions if there is something you don’t see but you want to!

Currently this weekend I am working on finishing “Fever” by Maya Banks and “Claim Me” – I usually never take on 2 books at one time, but I have so many pending now I need to get moving! I became a member of Net Gallery which is cool – and I’m getting accepted and getting the ARC’s – but I owe reviews so now I’m pushing ahead! Trust me, I’m not complaining – So far I’m loving every minute of it! I want to find someone to help me configure the blog look wise and so i can better get around – I might be somewhat tech savy but I have no idea what making a website is like, etc.. So feel free to speak up if you have the time!

Check back tomorrow and hopefully i’ll have some new reviews posted, until then Have a Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great book to cuddle up with tonight while it’s raining.

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