Finally Friday!

Hello All – Happy TGIF! Hope everyone had a great week. While I have been doing some good reading this week- I have yet to get my reviews up. I am very motivated to get those up this weekend – pinkie swear! So i’m home on a Friday night and thinking bout making this blog better – all my ideas.. I have so many thoughts of how to make it bigger and better – but i need someone to help me “make” it happen – so i’m off tomorrow to buy a real book on blogging for Dummies – so wish me luck getting that sorted out! And once the site is up and running you can definetly expect me to be more frequently posting…

I am still reading Claim Me (my first ARC – yea!) and I’m already contemplating my next book. Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire came out yesterday and as much as I loved Beautiful Disaster – i’m conflicted by this. The first could easily be one of my favorite books since Twilight – but if the second doesn’t live up to my expectatoins – i may have a broken heart – but what can I do – I MUST find out — if you haven’t read Beautiful Disaster – do so ASAP! It will be one of my first reviews here. Since i’m raving about the book, I thought i would end this post now – with a quote from the book, some of my favorite lines.. Romantic and gooey and wonderful so here we go — Excerpt from Beautiful Disaster – It’s a conversation between the 2 main characters Travis and Abby (aka Pigeon). Travis is basically takling to Abby – I won’t go into details but this gives a great look into the love and emotional sprawled through this entire book.. The quote is:
Travis begins with “I didn’t know I was lost until you found me. I didn’t know what lonliness was until I spent the first night in my bed without you. You’re the one thing I’ve gotten right, you’re what I’ve been waiting for.”

If that piques your interest – check it out! Unitl then – let’s chat – what are you all reading right now? Happy to get any reccommendations from somoene who loves a book – so many good things out right now! Have a good evening!

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