Now What?

Blog Day # 2 – what have i gotten myself into? I’m excited but there is a lot more work to do than i thought getting everything set up. Actually excited about having time this weekend to get everything moving.

My discovery today is Netgallery – you can actually request E Editions of books not yet out there and as long as the publisher approves it, you can download right to your kindle – how cool is that? I’ve got a few things I am dying to read requested so we will see how that goes.

Hopefully this weekend, I can write some reviews, i’ve read over 50 books since November – a lot of material to cover and that doesn’t count what i read before – but i’ll try to get as much as i can up and on the site for everyone. 

I’m also thinking about sections or ideas i want to cover in the blog – is there something you want to see – just speak up? I’m happy to have any suggestions! I want everyone who follows this to feel like part of the blog too —

Well that wraps it up for today, i’m doing reasearch on creating this thing (don’t tell anyone but i’m not that tech savy, so cross your fingers I grow technology smarts overnight or find a good youtuber who shows basic set up for dummies!) and looking drafting a basic outline for the site.

Good night book lovers everywhere from South Carolina – Hope you’ll check back in tomorrow!

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